Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 Weeks Til Sedona Half Marathon

So, yeah these recaps are coming a little late but here you go! Or more like here I go since these are mostly for me anyways ;).

Here is what happened the week of Christmas!

Monday - REST
And boy did I rest.  Activities for this Christmas Eve included pedicures with a friend, a casual dinner with the fam and watching the Hobbit that evening

Tuesday - 3 miles plus park workout with pup
Merry Christmas! After breakfast it started snowing pretty heavily and I have no idea what motivated me to actually go for a run but I did.  It was cold and wet but the pup and I ran 3 quality miles together and stopped at a nearby park to do some pushups, tricep dips, and lunges.

Wednesday - REST
Drove back to Seattle and got settled back into a normal, non holiday life :(.

Thursday - Gym circuit
Since I'm not rich and can't afford to join Riley Athletics for life I decided to do my own circuit at the gym.  My gym is pretty awesome and has virtually every type of machine or piece of equipment you need so I did the circuit from week 6 Thursday minus the battle ropes.

Friday - 4 mile run with pup
You know, I don't really remember much about this run so it must have been uneventful!

Saturday - Barre Class
Went to a barre class at my gym to get some strength in. The instructor is also a dancer and she graced us with some awesome hip hop moves while we did wall sits.

Sunday - 8 mile run with Sarah at 9:40 pace
Yeah for fun running friends!  This was actually the first time Sarah and I hung out one and one and it was really nice to get to know her better.  She has been having glute issues lately and for the first time in a while she was pain free during our run...pretty sure I was her lucky charm. We just ran and chatted around Lake Union and the run FLEW by!

Love how bright we were!
Less than 5 weeks until I go to Sedona!!  Cannot WAIT!

Question: Have any of you been to Sedona? What else should I do there besides run? :)

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