Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring, is that you?

Holy amazing weather Seattle has been having these past few days.  Super sunny skies, temps in the mid 50's to 60 in some places!  I even opened my sunroof in my car and the windows in my house for a little while.  And like any good Seattleite I went out on the first sunny day to buy a new pair of sunglasses!

My run on Friday was in capris and a t-shirt and I actually got a little too warm.  Stacey and I headed out for a leisurely jog with no goal in mind that included a stop at the lake to get a drink...for the dog...not me :).
Amazing...Mt. Rainier in the background
Speaking of runs, let's talk about my interval workout I did on Monday, it was a sweaty mess but a great challenge.  I decided since I proved to myself I can run a full 7 miles around a 9:00 pace I should be upping my interval speeds so I did just that.

3 mile interval workout
.5 mile warmup
.25 interval at 7.0 mph (8:34 pace)
.25 slow jog
.5 interval at 7.0
.25 slow jog
.5 interval at 7.0
.25 slow jog
.25 interval at 7.0
.25 slow jog cool down

You should try this one, times goes by lightening fast.

I actually didn't get a long run in last week but that's ok, I'm more motivated to run fast right now so I'm going to just roll with that.  As long as I get a couple longerish runs in before the Mercer Half I'll feel confident I can finish 13.1 miles strong.  

Let's recap last week's workouts:

January 30-February 5, 2012

Monday: Chest & Tricep + 3 mile interval run above - CHECK
Tuesday: Back & Bicep + some sort of cardio - CHECK
Wednesday: Run with Carol - time didn't allow for 6+ so we did a fast 5 instead
Thursday: Legs & Calves - CHECK...knee felt good!
Friday: Shoulders & Abs + 3-4 easy miles of runnin - Just did the run
Saturday: REST - CHECK
Sunday: GO TO YOGA! and Shoulders & Abs - managed the shoulders portion of this workout before going to yoga.  I've never taken the Sunday yoga class but OMG...the teacher is amazing and it was just what my body needed.  I'll be making this a weekly occurrence whenever I can or as the teacher calls it "yoga church".

I feel like I'm starting to get sick so there might end up being lots of lines crossed out of these workouts but I'm trying to fight it!

February 6-12, 2012

Monday: Chest & Tricep + some light cardio
Tuesday: Back & Bicep + interval run, might try this one
Wednesday: Run with Carol
Thursday: Legs & Calves
Friday: Shoulders & Abs + run of some sort
Saturday: Long run with Sonia
Sunday:Yoga or rest...I really should take a rest day but the yoga class is pretty gentle so that is rest right?

And for a couple of totally non-running related things:

3-week old sea otter at the Seattle Aquarium!

Funniest Superbowl commercial...I'm such a sucker for those M's! 

Question: Do you take your rest days seriously? If I'm busy doing other things it's always easy for me to take a rest day but when I have time I like to do some sort of I crazy?


Alma said...

This weather is crazy! I have yet to see the sea otter but my 2.5 yr old has seen him 3x already! UG!

Coy Martinez said...

I love rest days!! Since the weather has been really nice, I've sorta swapped out rest days for training days out on the bike. I'm only suppose to rest one day a week but sometimes I'll take two. I love sleep!

Lucky to live so close to Mt. Rainer!

Ricole said...

Awesome interval workout! It is soooo warm out today!! I love love love it!

Ali Mc said...

you are crazy :P I love my rest days :D but I'm also lazy so I like just doing nothing....when I first started working out or if I go through waves of having great workouts sometimes I want to keep working out all the time, but lately my workouts have put me out.

I love sea otters :D and your dog is cute, glad he and not you go a lake drink. Capris!!!! so's warm here for this time of year, but not that warm....yet