Monday, February 13, 2012

Make me run ok?

Hey runners out there...can you help me find my old obsessed with running self?  I wouldn't normally be to interested in finding her right now, except I have a half marathon coming up and I would like to race it as hard as I can.  I've been enjoying weight lifting, spinning and yoga a lot lately, which definitely has me questioning whether I'll be signing up for any more running races, but for now...I need to run!

I know I could go out and run a half marathon tomorrow, but I know it wouldn't be pretty and I would probably be recovering for a month.  I didn't get to my long run last week...oppsie!...but I'll blame in on getting a little cold and being more motivated by a spin class and yoga, I think that is an acceptable alternative.

BUT this week, I NEED to run at least a 9 miler so I'm signing up for a 15K in the park across the street from me.  Even though I could go run 9 miles in that park any day I want, I'm pretty sure spending the $22 bucks will actually get me there and running.

Okay, thanks for the is an interval run I did last week on the treadmill based on a recent workout by Carrots 'n' Cake.  Tina has been posting some awesome treadmill workouts lately, so I don't have to be creative on my own anymore...thanks!

3 miler with .75 mile 
0.0-0.5 mi 6.0 mph
0.5-1.25 mi 7.0 mph (interval 1)
1.25-1.50 mi 4.0 mph (break)
1.50-2.25 mi 7.0 mph (interval 2)
2.25-2.50 mi 4.0 mph (break)
2.50-2.75 mi 6.0 mph
2.75-3.00 mi 7.5 mph (mostly because I wanted the run to be over with!)

Tina's workout had 3 intervals but I needed to be done at 3 miles so I cut it short.  7.0 is becoming a semi manageable speed for me on the treadmill so I might try 1 mile at that speed next week.

Despite not doing a long run I did pretty good last week:

February 6-12, 2012

Monday: Chest & Tricep + some light cardio - CHECK to the weights
Tuesday: Back & Bicep + interval run, might try this one - CHECK (see above run)
Wednesday: Run with Carol - CHECK - 6.0 miles around a 9:00 pace
Thursday: Legs & Calves - CHECK
Friday: Shoulders & Abs + run of some sort - REST day home sick :(
Saturday: Long run with Sonia - Shoulders & Abs + spinning class to work the sick out
Sunday:Yoga or rest...I really should take a rest day but the yoga class is pretty gentle so that is rest right? -!

And here is my back to running week plan!  Still only shooting for 3 runs a week, but if I feel like a 4th I'll indulge...

February 13-19, 2012

Monday: Chest & Triceps + 3 mile treadmill run
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Back & Biceps in the AM, run with Carol in the PM
Thursday: Shoulders & Abs + cardio maybe
Friday: Legs
Saturday: 15K race - but try try try to keep it slow for a long run
Sunday: REST!

Sorry for the super boring no photos post!  In other news, I lost my iPod!!  I honestly have no idea what I'll do at the gym now to entertain myself :(.

Question: How do you entertain/motivate yourself during a run or workout without music?  I suppose I'll just have to resort to starring at other people working out...


Xaarlin said...

Make yourself go run for a minimum of 2 miles. Say to yourself after that then you can quit. Usually that works for me and I'll keep running for more miles.

I hate running ruts !!! :(

Ali Mc said...

you know what is so weird. I've actually read this on a few blogs lately. I also just started feeling the same way.

Must be february blues :( we'll get it back!

Mrs. V said...

The one thing that ALWAYS motivates me is my patients. I have so many amazing people that I know that will NEVER run. They will sit in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Run because you CAN!
as music goes....never have run with it, I prefer to dance in the dark with my crazy head ;)

Coy Martinez said...

You need to get a new IPod!! I was in a good routine of not using mine and then I went back to it. I considered getting a swimp3 player for my time in the pool but I felt like maybe I was going a little overboard :)

Lots of people have the winter funk right now. It'll blow over.

Ricole said...

GET YOUR MOJO BACK! You can do it! I always just say I just have to run for 15 minutes, and usually after that I feel good enough to keep going. But it feels better to know I can stop after 15 minutes if I want. Is this the Ft. Steilacoom race or something else? 15ks are so rare!

Marathon Lar said...

Thanks for the motivation ladies!

@Coy - I found my iPod!!! It was in a sweatshirt pocket

@Ricole - The 15K is in Magnuson Park, it's part of a monthly series they do...super small but it's right across the street from where I live so I have no excuse not to do it :)