Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where has Marathon Lar been?

I know my 33 followers and probably 5 other readers are just dying to know what I've been up to since the marathon and I'll be honest, I do miss blogging...and I'm just grateful I haven't lost any followers! I still stalk blogs every day and start to get jealous that I'm not posting. 

So, what the heck have I been up to since the marathon?  Well, in a nutshell, NOT running!  I love running and I still get out there once a week to make sure I remember how to do it but I'm also enjoying other things at the moment including not having to schedule my weekend around a long run, hanging out with friends, lots of cooking, and focusing more on weight training instead of cardio.

Halloween with the bro!
As far as fitness goes (this is a fitness blog right?) I actually started a program I found via another blogger Meals & Moves from bodybuilding.com.  It's Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer and it looked very doable, especially after running my butt off for 6 months I figured I would welcome the change of just lifting weights.
I'm currently on the 1st phase, week 3.  So far I really like it.  Jamie really emphasizes NO cardio in the first month but I haven't listened to her.  I've done a couple short runs, played soccer and went to one spinning class but I don't think it will affect my ability to do the weight exercises since I had a decent fitness base to start.  As I attempt to get back to a regular blogging schedule I'll attempt to post a weekly wrap up of this program, but I'm not promising anything :).
I'm not following this schedule at all but I am getting in all the workouts...flexibility people!
What about running you ask?  Well, I am signed up for 2 half marathons in 2012 so far and I WILL run one of them in under two hours.  I'm halfway considering the Portland marathon...halfway!  Plus the title of my blog is Marathon Lar so I guess I have to run marathons right?  <---worst reasoning ever!

March 25, 2012: Mercer Island Half Marathon

I ran this race back in 2009 as my second half marathon and really enjoyed it.  You run around Mercer Island (literally!) and it's often promoted as the first race to kickoff running season in Seattle.  It's relatively small, the weather is usually perfectly cool and well organized.  I ran the 10K option last year and PR'd!
Way back in 2009, the last time I ran the Mercer half!
My goal is to start officially training for this at the beginning of 2012 and work really hard to incorporate speed work like crazy to try for a sub 2 hour finish.  It's amazing how simple a half marathon seems now that I've done a full marathon but I know I'll be humbled as soon as I attempt to run faster than then the 10+ minute miles I became accustomed to during marathon training.

June 23, 2012: Rock and Roll Seattle Half Marathon
Three months after Mercer I'm running my 4th Rock and Roll race in Seattle. I LOVE THIS RACE, but I'm not in love with the fact that they are completely changing the course and the anticipation of how hilly the new course will be is already stressing me out.  Last year I PR'd but didn't quite get that sub 2 hour goal. 
So bloggy friends that is what I've been up to lately.  I'll try to keep more in touch with you all, I feel like a bad friend!

Question: Anyone out there running any crazy races next year?  Any ultras out there?  I can't say the thought of an ultra marathon didn't cross my mind post marathon, but those crazy thoughts will be pushed in the back of my brain for now.

Marathon Lar


ashley (redonk runner) said...

hi there. :) no crazy races for me. i just signed up for a marathon. and have two others that my eyes are on. next time i come to seattle, we should race together, if any are going on! :) i have no idea when i'll be back, but i will eventually cause my best friend lives there.

Coy Martinez said...

I would LOVE to do an ultra but I realized after I crossed the finish of Sundays marathon that my legs might never allow that. EVER. I would have to do 12 minute miles to even consider getting 50 miles in. I've done a few trail half marathons and they're brutal. BUT, I think if you can dream it, than you can do it! I hear JFK is a good one in Maryland!

Mrs. V said...

I've got BIG race plans for next year :)
a) another 50K
b) my first 50 miler
c) a marathon triple....3 days, 3 marathons!