Sunday, November 27, 2011

Race Recap: 5k Turkey Trot

This race recap doesn't have a mile by mile breakdown or some great story about how I trained and ran the fastest I've ever raced.  In fact, I didn't even wear my garmin and I couldn't see the clock when I finished or started.  It was just a fun run...or trot as the shirt states!

I signed up for the local Turkey Trot 5k in my hometown kind of last minute since one of my running buddies, Rachel, was doing it.  I figured it would be a nice race as a post marathon race and a way to hopefully kick start my running again.  It worked!  The 5k was a nice out and back along the Columbia River and by the time we turned around I was ready to race and ran fast...I have no idea!  It was a pretty small race so it wasn't well organized and I had to stop about 20 feet short of the finish line because it was so backed up :).  A girl in front of me said she ran it in 29 minutes so I assume I was around that time as well.

I have no idea why my photos from my phone have this gray line but I'm too lazy to edit it
I would definitely say this race re-ignited my passion for racing and I can't wait to start "officially" training for half marathons in 2012!

The rest of the Thanksgiving holiday was spent eating great food, hanging out with great friends and family and NOT working for 4 days in a row...glorious!  I have many things to be thankful for and my ability to run is near the top of that list.

I'm going to repeat week 6 of the LiveFit trainer since I really didn't do any of it last week with the holiday, so recap to come next week!

Question: Who else ran a local Turkey Trot?  Do you love a laid back race with no expectations?


Falon said...

I love a casual race with no time expectations. I've even decided to do a couple challenging trail runs for 2012- not for time, just for an adventure.

Leslee said...

We ran a 5k Thanksgiving morning, unorganized... Just a short 3er around the neighborhood. I normally LOVE large races, but after run a small race this year... I am seeing the benefits!

Coy Martinez said...

I ran a Turkey Trot too! One of my favorite ways to start that day off!

Which half marathons do you have planned??

Marathon Lar said...

@Coy - I'm planning on running the Mercer Island half in March and the Seattle Rock and Roll in June! Who knows what else in between or after.