Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome to 2015 - I'm Baaaccckkkk!!

Has it really been since August since I last posted? HOLY SMOKES! The time feel like it literally flew by.  I went back and forth with myself towards the end of 2014 on whether to keep blogging or not but now that my life has settled down a bit I think I’m going to give it another go…if I even have any readers left that is…if not oh well, I’ll write for myself.

So, what did the end of 2014 bring for me? One big life change…I moved to Washington DC (shocking information to you all I’m sure since I blasted it all over social media).  I took a one year detail with my current employer in the “other Washington” ßa friend of mine made me promise I would never call DC that…sorry, I’ll only do it this time.  Anyways, I’m living and working in the District (as the locals call it) and so far really loving it.  The HISTORY, the POLITICS, the DIVERSITY…I’m pretty much on sensory overload every time I step out my door and I love it!
Kicking off 2015 in new city!   
I’m still running…like a teeny tiny bit and still eating sugar free (with some cheats around the holidays) but looking to kick off 2015 with some new running goals and just getting to know my new city through running and new friends!  I hope to use this blog to not only talk about running and eating but to give my friends and family a glimpse into life in DC through museum visits, running around the monuments and more.  Plus, I made such awesome friends in Seattle through this blog so hoping it will do the same for me in my new city so if I happen to ever get any DC readers please don't be shy...say HI!
For now here are a few photo highlights of my first couple months in Washington DC!
I ran one race...the Ugly Sweater 5K, which was really just an excuse to buy a shark with xmas lights on it sweater.
Taking long walks to see the DC sights has become one of my favorite activities.  The first glance of the White House and Washington Monument on every walk still overwhelms me...I can't believe I live HERE!

I had my first visitors for New Years Eve. My cousin Kristin and her friend Angela came to visit me and we walked over 11 miles in just one day walking around the Mall.

What’s new for 2015…

Besides just settling into this new city and trying to make new friends I'm planning on getting back to running and just today I signed up for 10-week half marathon training group with Fleet Feet Wash DC and registered for the Rock and Roll DC half marathon in March.  I'm hoping the structured training will lead to a possible half mary PR, but more importantly I hope to meet some runner friends!
Also happening in 2015:
  • I’m continuing on as a Ragnar Ambassador for 2015!  This time I’ll be marketing the DC relay and I am sooo excited to run it. There are already talks about a mini re-Nuunion of some of my Hood to Coast ladies that live on the East Coast.
  • I got into the infamous Cherry Blossom 10-miler race. I entered the lottery on a whim and got in so I’ll be participating in my first 10 mile race ever…automatic PR!
  • The next round of the I Quit Sugar 12-week program kicks off January 20 and I’m staying on board as an ambassador to help people in the forums through the program.  Let’s be honest, after the holidays I’ll need the program as much as anyone.  I can’t say enough good things about this program and I promise it will be the best $$ you spend on yourself in the new year.    
Now that I'm partially settled in DC and trying to get back into running, I hope to keep this blog a little more updated than I have been.  Between the running, new restaurant eating, museum seeing, and more I have no excuse for not having anything to blog about! 
Question: What have you all been up to the past 5 months? Besides not blogging I haven't really been reading any blogs so fill me in...I promise I'll catch up soon, I miss all my blog buddies!

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