Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Your "Official" Hood to Coast Weather Report

Okay all you little Hood to Coast runners.  I know you have been obsessively checking the weather for the past 10 days wondering what is will be like during all three of your runs.  If you have never been to the Pacific Northwest you might not know that you could be freezing cold during one leg and then burning hot during another.  You are literally running down a mountain with snow on the top, down into a big city and over some more mountains to the beach.  And note, this beach is not some California/Hawaii beach, the Oregon Coast is not known for its bikini clad woman sunbathing all day...most beachgoers have their hoodies and rolled up jeans on while walking along the water.

Minimal clothing for day racing/runner supporting

All covered up for the early morning!

I went ahead and analyzed the weather for three points during the race. And by analyzed I mean looked over the forecast and graphs on weather.gov like the big nerd that I am.
  1. The start line at Timberline Lodge
  2. Mid point in Portland
  3. The end at Seaside
Using of course they only accurate source for weather, NOAA, I give you the Hood to Coast forecast!

Man that is a long way! source

Disclaimer: Pacific Northwest weather is actually pretty hard to predict days out so know that this can chance hour to hour, day to day...but overall I think we are looking at  pretty fabulous weather!

Nuun hydration teams, Lemonade, Watermelon, and Cherry Limeade start at 1:15 so please say hi and get some Nuun tabs and tattoos from us!

Timberline lodge lies near Government Camp, Oregon at about 5000 feet...that is high up there!  For Friday, August 23 the forecast currently calls for:

Temperature (red), sky cover % (blue), rain potential % (yellow) for Friday, August 23
  • Temps: Mid 50's in the morning moving into the upper 60's for the afternoon. 
  • Chance of Rain: Less than 10%...that is about as good as zero folks!
  • Cloud Cover: About 35% so I would still cake on the sunscreen!
  • Wind: Light wind at about 10 mph, hopefully it will just push the runners down the mountain!

Portland is the mid-point for Hood to Coast and teams should be rolling in all day and into the night Friday.  Since we are off the mountain mid day temps will be higher but #nuunhtc will be rolling in around night and should be welcomed with some cool temps for night runnin!
Temperature (red), sky cover % (blue), rain potential % (yellow) for Friday noon till Saturday early AM
    • Temps: Mid to upper 70's during the day and into early evening.  Dark hours will bring temps in the mid 60's, still warm enough for shorts and t-shirt running!
    • Chance of Rain: Less than 10% again
    • Cloud Cover: About 35% during the day but looks like some clouds roll in over night with an 85% coverage overnight.
    • Wind: Virtually nothin!

    The finish line...woohoo! I grew up going to the Oregon Coast so I'm used to enjoying cool/cloudy conditions on the beach normally...bring layers people...cool temps plus ocean breezes makes it feel colder than it is (I hope I eat my words and it is fabulously sunny and warm!)

    Teams should be rolling in all day Saturday with the the speedy #nuuntc team (ahem...Cherry Limeade) coming in in the late morning and the rest of us normal folks in the early evening.

    Temperature (red), sky cover % (blue), rain potential % (yellow) for all day Saturday

    • Temps: Upper 50's to 60 degrees. Pack some layers, since we'll all be done running we will want to stay warm!
    • Chance of Rain: Chance of rain is about 14% and models say there is a "chance" of rain on Saturday.  Sorry that information doesn't help much but I guess you should prepare for some wet stuff from the sky :(.
    • Cloud Cover: 80% cloud cover so it will be gray...typical Oregon Coast weather folks.
    • Wind: Virtually nothin!

    So...looks like temps for entire race will be in the 60-75 degree range with no rain for Friday, chance of rain Saturday.  There is probably no reason to pack your tank tops and short shorts (other than for running of course) for this years race and think more in terms of layers and a little rain protection!  We can all cross our fingers that whatever cloud/rain system is thinking about moving in Friday evening waits until Saturday/Sunday...it's the Pacific Northwest...anything could happen!

    Now all I have to stress about is how to pack for all these weather conditions in one backpack...#relayrunnerproblems

    QUESTION: What are your ideal running weather conditions? The HTC forecast is pretty darn perfect to me!

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