Monday, January 7, 2013

Race Bib Bag - You Know You Want One!

Molly and I modeling our bags.  She is cute, funny, athletic and creative...all around awesome gal!
Quick...think about where all your precious race bibs are?!   If you were like me, chances are they were all stacked up sitting on a bookshelf collecting dust and every time you glanced over at them you thought "man I wish there was something I could do with those!"

Well wait no longer...I have the perfect solution that allows you to display you most precious race bibs and brag a little when you model it around town.  My awesome, talented friend, Molly, makes these bags in her spare time and honestly loves hand sewing each one.  She takes care in the placement of each bib on the bag to display each of your accomplishments with style.

from Molly's Etsy shop
She is the most generous friend as well and offered to make me a bag if I pimped her out on my blog...SWEET DEAL! So...I handed over my stack of race bibs to have Molly work her magic on them. I put them in order of importance so she would have an idea which ones to feature on the front.  Funny enough, I didn't put my 1st half marathon bib in any sort of important spot but it ended up being right under my 1st marathon bib!  Of course, my Ragnar bibs were high up in the pile so the orange is peaking through everywhere...LOVE!
I spy Nuun Kids on the Block!
I've taken my bag out in public a couple times and have received compliments and questions from people each time.  It is a great conversation starter!  Every time I see it hanging on the corner of my bedpost I think about memories from all my races.

You want one now right?  Well Molly would love to have some new customers!  She honestly just LOVES making these bags and really pours her whole heart into making sure it is perfect for you. Here are the deets you need to know:

  • A large tote (like mine above) requires about 20 bibs and costs $85.00
  • A smaller book size tote requires 10-12 bibs and costs $55.00
  • You can contact Molly through her Etsy shop or at
  • You do have to use the actual bib, no copies.  The bag is literally made with the bibs and a canvas liner so they maintain their original feel.

And the BEST part is...

The FIRST person to email her and order a bag who mentions this blog post gets 20% off their bag.  All others will get 10% off.  

Question: Where are your race bibs? Are you going to email Molly right now and order one?

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