Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh 2011...

I don't want to be the only blogger who doesn't do a 2011 recap so here goes and since I actually started my blog in 2011 I guess I should wrap up the year...

Looking back on my I Run Alot! page I realized that 2011 is definitely the busiest running year I've had to date and probably the most fun I've ever had running.  Let's take a look back through some of my 2011 races...shall we?

Mercer Island 10K: I started off the running year and my blog around this time so this was my first official race recap and I'm finding out that I really enjoy going back and reading my recaps...I have a terrible memory so if anything it reminds me why I run or why to run or not to run a particular race again.  This was the beginning of my 2011 PR's...coming in around 57 minutes.
Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon: I had some pretty lofty plans to run a sub 2 hour half at this race but I knew my speed training wasn't up to par and when I hit mile 6 during the race I knew it wasn't going to happen, but a PR was possible so I still pushed through and set a new half marathon PR of 2:03:53.  This race holds a special place in my heart because it's where all the running madness began back in 2008 when it was still the Seafair Half Marathon.  I'll probably run this race every year until I can't anymore.
Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage: My third year running this relay and I still can't say enough good things about this race and how much fun it is!  If you are considering a relay JUST DO IT, I promise you'll have fun...unless you are an anti-social hermit.  I ran some super speedy times for me and was proud of my whole team!

Chicago Marathon: And oh yeah, I ran a marathon this year...did you forget?  Sometimes it feels like a year ago that I ran this race but it was mere months ago, crazy!  All the training leading up to this race, traveling to Chicago with my besties, and running probably the longest race of my life was an experience I will NEVER forget.  And of course, the marathon was the whole reason I started this blog that has introduced me to a whole new world of friends that share my crazy obsession with running and telling others about it.

P.S. WOW...I really like the color blue, maybe I should try to run in something other than blue this year during races :)
I have to admit after the marathon I kind of hated running, but I think that is normal?  I decided to focus on weight training and started following Jamie Eason's LiveFit program on and I'm still doing it and loving the change in routine and actually seeing muscles on myself.  It has definitely taught me the importance of incorporating strength training into my running routine and it will be making it's way into my future training plans for sure!

Rest assured my love for running is back and I plan on making 2012 an even better year...stay tuned for that friends.

Question: Do you plan on your race calendar a year in advance?  What race are you most looking forward to in 2012?  Mine will be running a sub 2 hour half marathon no matter how many races it takes to do it :)


Raquelita said...

You had a great 2011! I tend to plan about 6 months in advance, but since my employment is not exactly stable, it doesn't make sense to go much beyond then.

Janel and Brad said...

Perhaps we should plan on the 2013 Mini in Indy. That way Kristin and I should have plenty of time to prepare. :)

Marathon Lar said...

DONE Janel...I'm holding you to it!

Coy Martinez said...

Those times were great! I run a marathon or two each year and they do take a toll on a person. After they're over I become a complete sloth for two weeks. I just deflate. If that long last run doesn't get you, well, the mental part of a taper will :)

I've already made my plans for this year. Half marathons for the first half of the year with 3 triathlons and then hopefully NYC in the fall. My dream race. :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am most looking forward to Hood to Coast! I agree with you it is so fun to go back and read race recaps. Great job on your year and your running!

I haven't planned too far in advance yet, mostly it will be the same as last year for me.

Cynthia said...

I havne't planned many races but for sure I will be running Seattle RnR. I want to do that every year too :) It holds a special place in my heart because of Wear Blue Run to Remember.

You will totally get a sub 2!!