Friday, September 7, 2012

Whole Living Cleanse - Week 1

As I type this I'm currently in the middle of day 4 of the 2012 Whole Living Action Plan and I'm still alive!  Yes I've been a little hungry, yes I've craved bread, cheese, wine, chocolate, coffee, you name it...but I've resisted and I feel pretty darn good.

If you all don't want to hear about what I've eaten, how I've felt, blah blah blah come back in a few weeks when maybe I'll figure out what I'm doing next that has to do with running :).

WHAT I've been eating:

Actually, lots of things!  One of the things I liked most about this plan is it doesn't restrict you to a certain number of meals, calories, or quantities at each meal.  For week 1 you are supposed to stick to fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and oils. I've gotten pretty creative with making things that are actually pretty filling!

Breakfast: A smoothie every morning which usually consists of frozen fruit, orange juice and spinach.  This is the hardest part from me because I really crave something savory for breakfast so I'm already looking forward to week 3 when I can add back my true breakfast love...EGGS!

Snacks: I've been snacking on plenty of raw fruits and veggies but more importantly trying to incorporate sunflower seed butter when at all possible...because it's delicious and fattening!  I made this minty pea dip from the Whole Living website (shown below) but it is super gross and NOT in any way shape or form a substitute for hummus or good 'ol ranch dressing...good thing I can make hummus in week 2!

Coconut water tastes like a super sweet treat!
Lunch: A big salad every single day incorporating avocado and lemon juice always and then whatever other veggies I have on hand.  

Dinner: I made a huge batch of roasted potatoes and broccoli at the beginning of the week that has been feeding me every night since.  I tossed it with a lemon tahini dressing similar to the one here and it is super satisfying.  I have some grand plans for sweet potato fries with an avocado dipping sauce for tonight.

HOW I've been feeling:

Overall, pretty blah actually.  Coming off of caffeine and added sugar has me feeling super foggy and I generally have low energy every day.  I've been getting 10+ hours of glorious sleep and trying to keep my eyes open at work every day.  I know this will turn around after my body realizes it doesn't need caffeine and sugar to function, but for now I'm basically a walking zombie.

a google search for "caffeine zombie" actually produced a lot more results than I thought :)

In terms of my stomach, well sorry for TMI coming up but eating tons of veggies does some pretty crazy things down there.  Let's just say I definitely feel like I'm "cleansing" my system daily with multiple trips to the bathroom and I'm sure glad I live alone at night when things seem to really catch up with me.

I'm looking forward to the amazing feeling that people always testify having during and after a cleanse!


Not much exercising has been going on mainly due to my lack of energy but I have gotten outside for at least a nice long walk with the pup every day.  I attempted a Greenlake run with a friend on Wednesday and made it about 2 miles before my stomach disagreed with running.  Thursday was  a little better and I ended up covering almost 4 miles during the latest Road Runner Adventure Run.

I'm totally ok with taking it easy and just focusing on the cleanse for now but I am looking forward to adding more protein next week and hopefully hitting the gym a little more!

Cheers to the weekend...everyone have a drink for me!

Question: Have you ever tried to give up caffeine or sugar for any amount of time?  Did you suffer like me? :)

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