Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 8 - Marathon Trainin Recap

Week 8 is done and I really feel like the end is in fact it's 6 weeks away!  Last week's 16 miler really took a lot more out of me than I thought and my runs in the beginning of the week were really hard on my legs.  It was the first time I really thought "when on earth is this marathon training going to be over with".  I definitely don't see how people train for a marathon year round!  BUT, I completed all my planned runs for the week and feel GREAT about that!

Monday - 5 miles easy + Element 5 Bootcamp - DID IT
52:00 - 10:24 pace
Took the pup on an easy 5 miler and I was glad I let her dictate our slow pace which was perfect for my very tired legs!  I met my brother for a bootcamp like class at Element 5 later in the evening where the instructor put us through a circuit of 12 exercises.  It was different than anything I've done before and I learned some new exercises but overall I didn't think it was that good of a workout.  There were too many exercises that I never did one enough to really tire out any muscles.  But I'll be going back since I have a coupon for 15 classes, plus I know the next class will be better because my friend will be teaching it!

Tuesday - 6.0 miles at marathon pace - DID IT
1:02:00 - 10:20 pace
REALLY glad this run was supposed to be at marathon pace since my legs were still tired and I literally ran as fast as I could.

Wednesday - Personal Training - REST
Canceled my personal trainer for the afternoon since my body was tired and needed rest. 

Thursday - 5.0 miles - DID IT
48:00 - 9:33 pace

Ran with my running buddy Sonia and we kicked some butt in the heat.  The schedule called for running the last half faster than the first and that sort of happened.  The first 3 miles were an average of 9:40/mile and the last two were around 9:20/mile.

Friday - Yoga or Rest - Short Hike
Went for a hike in Issaquah with my brother and some pups he was watching.  Went most of the way up to this landing where paragliders take off from.  It was fun to watch them come down and land.  We re-fueled after with XXX Burgers and the best root beer I've ever had!
Super gorgeous evening!
Saturday - REST - DID IT
I enjoyed a hot Seattle Saturday with brunch at the Boka Kitchen and a Sounders game with two of my favorite lady friends...Kath and EY!  I had a blast with my girls and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and hydrating for my 18 miler on Sunday. 

Sunday - 18 mile long run - DID IT!
3:07:17 - 10:24 pace
Woohoo, I did it!  Or rather, we did it!  I set out for the longest run to date with my marathon training pal, Stacey, and we kicked 18 miles BUTT! We headed out a little before 8AM and had cool cloudy weather for the first two hours of the run until the sun came out for the last hour.  We kept a pretty steady pace for the entire run and fueled up twice which felt perfect.  My hips were screaming at me towards the end, but after some walking and stretching they were pain free again.  I'm so proud of myself and my running pals, Stace and Kath (who completed her 18 miles later in the day)...I feel very confident we are going to do well in Chicago.

Post run activities for me included sleep, sleep, and some more sleep...oh and a chocolate shake from Wendy's.  Stacey enjoyed a day at Evergreen State Fair and enjoyed what she described as the perfect post run elephant ear!
Made a delicious recovery meal from Runner's World Athlete's Palate book

Total Mileage: 34 miles
Total Strength: 1
Total Yoga: none...oops!

Marathon Training Week 9 - Say It Do It - August 29-September 4
I'm going to Cannon Beach for Labor Day weekend so my schedule is a little turned around.

Monday - REST my 18 mile legs!
Tuesday - 5 miles easy in the AM / Element 5 bootcamp in the PM
Wednesday - Personal Training <---focus on the legs!
Thursday - 6 mile run
Friday - 10 mile long run
Saturday - REST
Sunday - 5 mile run/hike

Question: Have any of you out there taken an ice bath after a super long run?  I'm curious if they are worth the freezing pain!


Xaarlin said...

Great week you had!!

I used to do ice baths when I was in cross country. After the initial shock of the ice, everything just goes numb. I only just ice my problem leg now after every run and it helps a lot.

Raquelita said...

Great training week!

I took ice baths after every long run of more than 14 miles during my last marathon training cycle, and I think that they work miracles. I took one last week and was going to do one this week but forgot to bring cash to buy ice after my 18 miler this past Saturday.

Emily said...

What Garmin do you have? Do you like it/recommend it?

Ice baths sound painful!! :)

Marathon Lar said...

I am obsessed with my fact I should write an entire post just about my love for it! It is a Garmin Forerunner 405. I know there are million features I'm not using but right now my favorite things about having the watch is the ability to just go out and run without having to map where I'm going to figure out the distance.

Emily said...

A whole Garmin post? Yes please! :)