Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 5 - Marathon Trainin Recap

It was the first week of August, a milestone birthday for me and summer decided to make it's appearance in Seattle.  I'm pretty sure the temperature hit 70 or higher everyday, hello summer! was my last 4 days of work before being on vacation for a WHOLE WEEK!  

Monday - 5.0 miles in the AM/ Personal training in the PM - DID IT!
51:00 - 10:11 pace
Man running in the morning is both refreshing and hard at the same time.  It felt amazing to be outside in the cool fresh breeze and although I felt like I was sprinting my pace told me otherwise.  Stacey was extra excited for some morning exercise since usually her mornings consist of a quick potty break and back to bed for the day. I was pretty tired when it came to personal training in the afternoon but I powered through and we worked on inner/outer thigh/glutes with some chest and biceps thrown in.  Sara really knows how to combine two exercises to get the most bang for your buck. 

Tuesday - 5.0 mile run - DID IT
51:00 - 10:11 pace
Feeling a little slow this week I guess.  It was pretty H-O-T out and by hot I mean above 70 and sunny.  You won't hear ANY complaining here about the weather from me since this is the first full week of summer weather Seattle has seen!

Wednesday - 6.0 mile run - DID IT
57:00 - 9:30 pace
I met a new friend, Sonia, for this run around Lake Union.  She is new to Seattle so I taught her the secret way to make the 6 mile loop.  We chatted the WHOLE way about everything under the sun and I'm excited to have a new running can never have too many! She is a bit faster than me and I was proud I could keep up and chat at the same time.   Did I mention how nice it is in Seattle this week:

Exhibit A:

Thursday -REST - DID IT
Today was a rest day since I have the scary big ol 14 miler tomorrow!  It was also another important day...

My co-workers took me out to lunch for my b-day and spoiled me with decorations, an orchid plants, and gift cards...they rock!  The afternoon consisted of happy hour on the Ivars deck overlooking Lake Union and downtown Seattle. 

Friday -14.0 mile long run - DID IT
2:23:00 - 10:13 pace
Personal distance record baby!  My friend's Stacey and Katie ran their 14 miles the weekend before the Stacey said the feeling of going past 13.1 miles was awesome when you know every step beyond the half marathon is uncharted territory.  I decided to do an out and back on the Burke Gilman Trail taking me through the University of Washington to Gasworks park almost to Ballard...and turn around.  I kept a good pace the entire time and never felt really tired.  My hips were screaming at me the end and I ended up with a 3rd degree chafing burn from my sports bra, but otherwise, I consider this long run a screaming success!  I did a little happy dance when I stopped and walked about a half mile to recover. 
I wonder if my Garmin was as proud of me as I was?

Saturday -REST - DID IT
Rest rest rest after 14 miles and the partying the night away with my friends for my 30th birthday.  Plus, oh yeah, I'm getting on a plane to go see my family in upstate New York.  I wasn't sore at all except a little knee pain when going down stairs.  I can really tell my legs are getting stronger since I managed to dance 2+ hours in heels on top of 14 miles.

Sunday - REST - DID IT
I arrived to see my family in upstate New York today...yeah...vacation!

My cousin Kristin and I cruisin the Hudson River

Total Mileage: 30 miles <---- Definitely the most I've ever run in one week!

Total Strength Sessions: 1 personal training
Total Yoga: NONE again...

Marathon Training Week 6 - Say It Do It - August 8-14
I'm in NY with family this week so I'm not going to STRESS if I don't complete my runs and I will repeat this sentence to myself over and over again when I do start stressing.

Monday - 5.0 mile run
Tuesday - Yoga for runners podcast or rest
Wednesday - 6.0 mile run
Thursday - REST - going to a Yankee game!
Friday -5.0 mile run
Saturday - REST and fly home
Sunday - 8.0 mile long run

Question: Do you have any go-to recovery food or drinks you swear by after a long run?  I really love Muscle Milk even though I know there is an ingredient list about a mile long, but it really works for me so I'm sticking with it.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the personal distance record!!! After my marathon training run Sunday I had yogurt, plums, and protein powder. I was feeling a little sicky and that always goes down well.