Thursday, April 28, 2011 are addicted to ice cream

Does this sound like you?  I LOVE ice cream and I usually don't have it in my house ever because I will eat the entire container like it is one serving...seriously!  This goes for pretty much all sweets so if I can find a healthier way to enjoy my favorites I'm all for it.  Enter...bananas...if you don't like bananas stop reading here and go somewhere else.

(Please pardon the stock photos in this post.  My camera is broken right now and I'm really bitter about it.  The waiter at dinner this weekend flung it across the room before taking a picture of our group and just handed it back to me like nothing happened.)

You'll need a food processor for this job, I'm not sure a blender could do the work.

Banana soft serve is just what the title implies, bananas.  When you bring home that large bunch of bananas you know you won't be able to eat before they turn black take 2 or 3 of them, peel them, cut them into chunks and freeze them.  When that ice cream craving hits you do the following:

Banana Soft Serve
Serves 1

1 frozen banana
Splash of whatever milk you have on hand
Topping of your choosing - I add sunflower seed butter for some extra creaminess and protein

1. In a food processor combine everything and whirl away!  Make sure you have a semi-decent food processor so it can get the job done without shorting out on you and breaking like my teeny tiny one did last night...oops!
2. Enjoy, it's that easy.  It shouldn't take long for the bananas to get creamy and resemble frozen yogurt. 

Of course this doesn't completely replace the Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream with fudge and cookie dough chunks but it helps with the cravings until you can't resist any longer.

If you think I'm totally weird and crazy with this idea google "banana soft serve" and you'll see all the other crazies out there...even Biggest Loser is on board.

QUESTION: Do you have any healthy shortcuts for your favorite sweets? 

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