Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers Better Bring May Flowers!!

Living in Seattle I KNOW I'm supposed to get used to the rain, the cold, the wind, blah blah blah!  And most of the time I don't complain about the weather but since we were screwed out of a decent summer last year I feel like Seattle has been in a constant Fall/Winter phase for over a year...it's officially time to be Spring and Summer around here!  Okay, my rant is over and now let's focus on the good things April will bring:

1. Lindsey and Tommy are getting married, this weekend in fact!  I know the wedding will be TONS of fun because the couple is freakin adorable and all my good friends will be there.  They are off to Costa Rica for their honeymoon and I'm super jealous since I miss that country so much after visiting over 5 years ago.
Oh the memories from Costa Rica, including watching a sloth take about 30 minutes to come down this tree and of course I had to pose with it.  Don't look too closely at my legs and the 100+ mosquito bites!
2. Training for the Kirkland Half Marathon. I stupidly decided to map the course online to analyze the hill situation and now I'm a little worried.  I'm not planning on trying to PR for this course, just use it as a long fun training run of sorts.
At least the end is downhill??
 3. Starting to volunteer with Girls on the Run.  I signed up to be a buddy for a girl during a 5K and we will have our first practice 5K at the end of the month before the real one in May.  I've been looking for an organization to volunteer for and why not use my love for running for good! Hopefully they don't put me with a girl that runs faster then me because then I'll be the one needing motivation.

4. Easter is on April 24! And we all know what that means...besides the whole Jesus is risen thing...I get to eat sweets again.  I haven't quite decided what my first treat will be but I'm confident it will be one of these two items, who am I kidding, it will be both of these items:
I'll take this along with a beach and some real sunshine!

I LOVE chocolate chip cookies and if I make a batch at home I guarantee I will eat them all within 24 hours.

QUESTION: What do you most look forward to with the arrival of Spring? I would say sunshine for me but since Seattle doesn't know it's Spring yet I'll go with it being lighter until later in the evening!


Leslee said...

I too am looking for the WEDDING OF THE YEAR!!! Looking forward to seeing you again Lar...

Mostly I lovee Spring with all the lovely flowers blooming!

Heather said...

I am looking forward to some nice weather this Spring so that we can finally take Jake and Stacey on their hot date to Marymoor!