Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Accidental 11.5 Miler

Oops...Kath, Kelly and I accidentally ran 11.5 miles this morning when we mapped, prepared, and planned for a 10 miler.  Unfortunately, some re-routes were necessary adding 1.5 miles to the total.  This was our last long run before the Kirkland Half Marathon in two weeks and although the run was hard, it was hot out, and my legs were exhausted from boot camp this week...I somehow pulled through pretty well and gave me the confidence I needed to know I can run 13.1 miles again.

The stats:

11.56 miles covered
10:07/mile pace

We ran on a majority of the Kirkland Half Marathon course and it prepared me for where the hills are, how steep, and how long they are so I know when to conserve energy during the race.

So...I discovered this pretty cool feature of that includes a 3D Google Earth flyover over of the map you run.  WARNING: Dizziness is likely as sometimes the flying gets a little intense!  Enjoy!

(If you are reading this in Google Reader you will have to click out to see the flyover)

NAP TIME for me now

QUESTION: Have you ever gotten lost on a run? This will mark run #2 where I got lost, although, I did know where I was the whole time I just didn't know the shortest route back to my starting point. Ask any of my friends, I have an amazing sense of direction and can usually find my way back to anywhere I've been once before.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I was tempted to d the Kirkland Half, I am curious to hear what you think.. I dont like hills :)

So great to find another local blogger...will keep you posted on a Bloggy meetup for Seattle Rock n roll.

Marathon Lar said...

Hi Mel! Thanks for coming over to my page! I'm not a huge fan of hills either but I think the Kirkland half will offer just enough hill challenge but not completely burn me out...I'll post a race recap for sure!