Friday, March 14, 2014

TGIF - Lets get #electrolit with Nuun Energy

Happy Friday all! I'm sure everyone is dreaming of their weekend plans right about now and getting excited to partake in some adult beverages or gear up for a race or long training run/bike/whatever!  Well I have the perfect thing regardless of what your weekend plans are!

I had the pleasure to attend a Nuun Energy party last night at Nuun HQ here in Seattle.  As you may or may not know they recently launched a new product called Nuun Energy.  BIG deal for Nuun and we all get to benefit from their genius new creation! Simple put Nuun Energy is:
  • B Vitamins - for converting food into energy (see here for more specific info)
  • Caffeine - for mental clarity and focus
  • Electrolytes - for optimal hydration
  • No Sugars 
  • No Crash

All Nuun purchases through 3/16 get a free Nuun Energy bottle!
I hadn't tried Nuun Energy before last night so I went straight to the goods when I arrived at HQ and started asking some questions about this new product.  My conversation with some Nuunies included the following questions.

So, I see Nuun Energy has caffeine. How is it different from Nuun products that already have caffeine (Kona Cola, Lemon Tea, Cherry Limeade FYI)?

Nuun Energy indeed has the exact same electrolytes and caffeine (1/2 of a cup of coffee per tab) as products like Kona Cola but it now has the added benefit of B vitamins.  What are B vitamins you ask?  Well basically they help you stay energized before and during a workout by converting food into energy.  I often experience a crash during a long workout so I think this product is just the thing for me!  And of course like all great Nuun products there is no sugar, so no excess calories and no sugar crash! 

What about the flavors? Does it taste different?

Well I can tell you from tasting all three flavors (Cherry Limeade, Lemon Lime, Wildberry) that they taste exactly like their regular Nuun buddies.  Wildberry=TriBerry FYI…no idea why they changed the name but one Nuunie joked with me that now they actually use WILD berries in this blend, as opposed to non-wild berries…huh?

It was great to catch up with some of my favorite Nuunies (Megan, Meghan, Arielle, and Casey) and chat with fellow ambassador Lindsay last night! They had HQ all decked out with lights, music, music videos, and even a bar tender mixing Nuuntails (nuun+cocktails…get it!).  
Me, Lindsay, Megan (the hostess with the mostess), Arielle -from Megan's instagram
Nuun is so clever! #getelectrolit
Okay, so maybe you are looking forward to the weekend to relax a bit, enjoy a cocktail or two?  Well you can still enjoy Nuun with your favorite liquor.  The bartender at last nights energy party was mixing up the following Nuuntails for everyone to try.  Make one this weekend and let me know how you like it!


So however you choose to get #electrolit this weekend have fun, stay safe, and most of all stay hydrated! 

Question: How are you planning to get #electrolit this weekend? I'm looking forward to a weekend in Portland with my friend and meeting her new baby and then a mini renuunion with my fellow Hood to Coasters Leslie and Holly!

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