Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp - Weeks 1 & 2

I haven't talked about my workouts in a while but I'm actually following some sort of routine right now so I thought I would share! 

Over the past year I've been reading the buzz about Tina's Best Body Bootcamp from various bloggers but never really looked into it until a couple months ago. I've really enjoyed doing my own circuits at the gym but finding workouts to do online takes times and motivation...both of which sometimes I'm lacking.  Enter, Best Body Bootcamp. Tina puts together an 8 week program and the best costs $25 bucks!!  I mean what do you have to loose for that price!

We were given workouts for week 1 and 2 and I have to admit they seemed pretty simple to me, but I learned my lesson when each day after a lifting circuit I was super sore!  Touche Best Body Bootcamp!

The workouts so far have been 30 minute full body circuits with one focusing on balance which I found to be incredibly challenging and a great workout. Just imagine doing all your weight lifting on one foot or only one arm at a time...try it!  Obviously, I wish I could share the workouts with you but that would defeat the purpose of paying right?! I just wanted you all to know about this super cheap resource online from one of our fellow blogger friends.

To help hold me accountable here is what I plan on doing for Best Body Bootcamp Week 2

Monday - Workout A circuit
Tuesday - Cardio - maybe treadmill sprints?
Wednesday - Workout B circuit
Thursday - Cardio
Friday - Workout C (the balance one!) circuit
Saturday - possibly a run while visiting my parents
Sunday - REST

Question: Have you heard of Best Body Bootcamp or done any online bootcamp before?

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