Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lake Union 10K - YOU Should Sign Up!

I really have nothing exciting to blog about this week so I'm going to plug a super awesome 10K that you should all go sign up for immediately!!

The Lake Union 10K is happening on Sunday, August 19 and it benefits Girls on the Run of Puget Sound...enough said! If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know how passionate I am about this organization.  I began my involvement as a running buddy and have now increased it to being in charge of the 5K course each Winter and Spring.

So...what are you waiting for, go sign up! The course is a pretty flat 10K around Lake Union and if you live in Seattle you have likely ran this loop about 1000x like me.  I'm excited to actually RACE it instead of just run it for once.  And as if you need reason other than supporting Girls on the Run you also get pancakes from Portage Bay at the finish...YUMM!!  And don't forget to bring all your old running shoes to donate to Redeeming Soles. You know you all have a pile of worn out shoes to give.

A handful of team NUUNKOTB are already registered and it would be great to make a huge blog showing and just take over the race, sounds like fun right?  Maybe we can all color coordinate...too much?

If you aren't a runner you can volunteer for the race and still support Girls on the Run.

Question: Did you sign up yet?  Leave a comment so I know who to look for!

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