Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Create Your Own Workout

Major Disclaimer!!: I have absolutely no professional education or background or anything that claims I can even remotely tell anyone what to do when it comes to working out.

Okay, with that out of the way I thought I would share a couple little workouts I've added on to my normal routine, mainly so I have a place to remember them when I want to do them again...and if one of you thinks it looks like fun and tries it then great...if you hurt yourself doing it...refer to the disclaimer up top, ok?

Anyways, sometimes I get bored with my typical lifting weights routine at the gym or a regular old run outside.  While both of these activities are great for me, everyone reaches a plateau and lately I feel like I'm hitting one.  So...using the creativity in my brain and my surroundings last week I did a couple of fun, short workouts that you might actually enjoy too!
I know you all do push-ups for photographers in your street clothes right? Thanks to my great friend Heather for having a fun day taking some photographs of me ;)
The Abs, Chest, Tricep Quickie
3 rounds of:
30 second plank
10 pushups
10 tricep dips
NO REST in between, that is the tough part.

I did that as a warmup of sorts to get my heart racing before actually lifting some chest and triceps weights. Although I didn't feel totally dead after the next day I was more sore than usual, so win! You can even tack this on to the end of your workout for an extra boost.

If regular ole pushups are too boring for your checkout Blonde Ponytail's 10 pushup variations...darn that girl is STRONG!  As a matter of fact if you actually want real workouts from someone who knows what they are talking about visit her Pinterest page.

Try it here!
Next up is the "I don't feel like running anymore so I'll do something else" workout!

Post Run Tune-Up

After a 3 miler in my hometown over the past weekend I stopped at a park and saw some playground toys in the distance so I took advantage:

Step 1: Alternate lunge across field to playground

Imagine there is playground equipment by those trees because there is now and that is where I lunged to
Step 2: Find a toy that is low to the ground with 4 sides (or just make it up) - a picnic table could work for this as well
Step 3: Use each side of the square for one exercise, do them all in the row before resting -
10 pushups
10 "box" jumps
10 tricep dips
Tap ups with leg (10 each side) -step up on toy and tap ground with one leg 10 times and repeat with other leg
Rest just long enough to catch your breathe (or not feel like you are going to throw up like me) and repeat for a total of 3 times. The entire workout including 3 mile run and walk to cool down took about an hour.

Don't forget to stretch!
Question: Do you add any strength moves onto the end of your runs?  Sometimes during park runs I'll challenge myself to stop at every bench and do 10 pushups and 10 dips...my park has a LOT of benches!

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