Monday, March 19, 2012

Taper Time?

Is it really considered tapering when I really haven't been running much anyways?  Oops!  This Sunday is the Mercer Island half marathon that I've (up until recently) had high hopes of getting my sub 2 hour time at.  I'm going to be realistic here and not get my hopes up too high for this time because I have not trained properly.  Sure I've been running faster lately, but I've barely ran outside or run long distances for the past few months.  I'm confident I can complete the run without killing or injuring myself but I'm just going to run it as hard as I can and be happy with whatever result I get.

Sonia - if you are reading this want to just run it together and chat the whole time?  Sound good?

Plus Seattle weather has been unseasonably disappointing lately and the forecast for this week looks just as gloomy:

There is no SUN in these pictures :(
I'm not expecting to run 13.1 miles in gorgeous Spring weather but it would be nice to be above 40 and not pouring that asking too much?  Just 50 and lightly misting...that's ok!

Since I don't have much to say about running lately want to see some amazing food I ate this past weekend when my friend from Portland was in town.  Don't worry I'm not turning into a food blogger.
Pretzels with amazing dips from Brave Horse Tavern
Pork enchiladas at Barrio
What isn't pictured is lunch the next day at a vegan joint called Plum Bistro. I had the Stumptown coffee pancakes with vegan cream sauce and they were delicious.  I would highly recommend all the places I went to this past weekend and it was so much fun to try all new to me places!

And then to try and get my stomach back to normal I made a detox salad on Sunday night inspired from here but mostly made with Trader Joes stuff - I'll post a recipe soon!
This salad made in like 10 seconds with a food processor...GET ONE!
Question: Any local bloggers/readers running the Mercer Island Half?  Please say HI to me if you see me!

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Ricole Runs said...

Good luck this weekend! I so hope the weather cooperates!!!