Friday, May 13, 2011

My 5 Favorite Things This Friday

I'm not sure if you all caught my mini rant about my camera being broken in a previous post, but it is currently being sent to Canon for repair so I have no way to share photos with you all or document anything going on in my life right now.  Plus, I'm pretty sure you don't all want to see the blurry, dark photos my phone takes.

The Whole Camera Story:
While at a lovely dinner at Daniel's with my friends a few weeks back I asked the waiter to take a picture of our group.  He picked up my camera and must have had butter all over his hands because it literally flew across the room.  He picked it up and took a picture with it and gave it back to me.  I realized something was wrong when I tried to power it off and the lens wouldn't close.  After consulting my camera manual it told me to see a repair place...BOO! I LOVE my Cannon PowerShot S90!  It came highly recommended my photographer friend Colson...warning, shameless plus coming...go to his website NOW and check out his amazing work.  I guarantee when I get married, have babies, or have any important life event I will hire him to take photos.  So, my camera is at the camera hospital for right now so for all my 5 blog will have to deal with stock photos and the rare phone photo that turns out decent looking.

Sidenote: I decided to contact Daniel's customer service just to see if they might do anything and without hesitation they told me to send the invoice for the repair and they would reimburse THAT is customer service!

Back to the regularly scheduled blog 5 favorite things this Friday!

1. My energy and appetite are back!  I always feel like I'll NEVER feel better after being sick but I finally have all my energy and appetite back after being sick for the past week.  I knew it was true when I ate 2 donut halves and a cookie during coffee hour this morning. Top Pot donuts are too good to resist!
2. Happy Hour with friends...or HH has we refer to it because we have to shorten everything we say.  I met my friend Lindsey or EY since everything has to be shortened at a place I've been wanting to check out for a while, Citrus on Lake Union.  We try to HH every Friday as the summer rolls around and it is always the perfect kickoff to the weekend and then we don't feel as bad about going home and crashing at 9PM from a long work week :)

3. My pup greeting me like I've been gone for days every time I come home!  Sometimes I'm only gone for 30 minutes and when I come home I swear she acts like I was gone for a  whole month.  But I love it and she always brings my mood up if I'm feeling a little down or stressed about something.  My friend Heather, who also happens to be an amazing photographer, took these of Stacey girl last time I was visiting her.

This is Stacey's "try to hump me one more time and you know what is going to happen" face!
4.Getting back to running weekend.  I tested my energy this week with a couple short runs, but since the next half marathon is right around the corner (Rock and Roll Seattle June 25) it is time to start the long runs again.  I plan on doing a easy 6 miles around Lake Union to ramp up the mileage again. If you live in the Seattle area Lake Union is the perfect 6 mile loop that isn't challenging.  You run by lots of cute cafes (that you secretly wish you were at instead of running), through Gasworks park on the Burke Gilman, and by multi-million dollar yachts.
Man I live in a gorgeous city...when it's not raining and the temp reaches above 60!

5. Dinner party!  My friends and I have actually stuck with this dinner club idea and we've almost been at it for a year now.  Tomorrow's party theme is "on a stick" and I'm planning on bringing veggie roll ups (recipe to come!). Rumor has it there will be little smokies, caprese salad on a stick and cake pops! Who knew food on a stick was so freakin popular...I searched around for a recipe and found these books on the market:

Pop-Bakery Recipes on a Stick
On a Stick!

What exciting things are you up to this weekend? Do you believe in Friday the 13th superstition?  I don't at all and hardly even realized it was Friday the 13th until about right now!


MrsQ318 said...

I came *this* close to signing up for the RnR Seattle Half, but instead, I'll be about 6 hours south of you in Sunriver, OR doing the Pacific Crest half... on the same day! LOL

Marathon Lar said...

Oh Sunriver, OR...that sounds like it will be a beautiful race! Can't wait to hear about it!

Janel and Brad said...

The day I had at work on Friday, and I only worked for 4 hours, it definitely felt like a "Friday the 13th" kind of day!

My weekend has been filled with potty training! Brad, Brady, and I are all going a little stir crazy but I think it will be worth it!!

By the way, how often is it not raining and above 60 in Seattle? :)

ashley (redonk runner) said...

dogs are the best! they definitely make you feel special and loved like no other! wee i'm running the seattle full!

Heather said...

Thanks for the shout out Lar!! I love those pics of Stacey. :-) Also, SO glad to hear they are paying for your camera repair!

Leslee said...

Whew! I can only imagine the scare you had with your camera! I would be lost without mine... Glad you will be getting it back all better -

Looking forward to seeing you at Seattle R&R, hope the weather holds up and MOSTLY I'm glad you are feeling better :-)

Marathon Lar said... are doing RnR Leslee! We will definitely have to coordinate a pre and post-run meetup!