Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kirkland Half Marathon - Recap from Others

Words I heard from my friends who ran the Kirkland half marathon today:
  • Toughest half marathon course I've ever run
  • I'm pretty sure the first 4 miles were all uphill
  • It started to get flat and normal around mile 7
None of these phrases were from my mouth because I didn't run it :(.  I pride myself on being a very healthy person and rarely get sick, let alone sick enough to take me down for more than one day at a time.  Well, I got sick right in time for my parents to come into town for Mother's Day weekend and the running of the Kirkland half.  I decided to do what was best for my body and not run since I was running a 102 fever the day before. 

I'm pretty bummed I didn't run this morning especially after training for it over the past month or so, but after I heard how difficult the course was I think I would have been more sick after if I had run it.  Plus, I went out for a short walk with the doggie this morning and was exhausted when I came back so I'm thinking running 13.1 miles worth of hills might have killed me.

One major bonus for the weekend was I had my mom to take care of me while I was sick which is always nice.  I still tried to celebrate Mother's Day with her as much as possible and we ended the weekend with brunch at Anthony's with the McFath's who did run the Kirkland half and had those wonderful things to say in the bullets up there.

I just went searching through my computer for pics of me and mom but could only find ones of her with she hinting at something?

I know my mom will make the BEST grandma...SOMEDAY...don't hold your breathe mom :)

Sort of found one...the whole fam at my bro's graduation in 2008
Happy Mother's Day MOM!  I love you and couldn't imagine a better woman to call my mom!

QUESTION: Have you ever had to not run in a race before because you were sick or injured?  How did it make you feel?  I'm not gonna lie, I'm still bumming a bit about it and I'm even considering running a training run next weekend of 13.1 miles to make up for that crazy?


Leslee said...

Oh Lar! How awful... I know how you feel... I had been training for a March 13th 1/2 marathon and the weekend before had a knee issue surface. I went ahead and ran, not pretty but I did and I suffered after!

I think you made the right choice laying low and listening to your body.

Glad you had your Momma in town to care for you too!

Janel and Brad said...

Lauren- I think you need some more recent pics of your family! :) I know that's Brady in one picture. Is Payton in the other one?

If/when Aunt Judy has grandkids, she is going to spoil them rotten! Just ask Brady. :)

Hope you are starting to feel better. Did I tell you that the Mini in Indy is completely flat?? :)

Mrs. V said...

Last year....I ran Boston and was ready to run the Seattle Marthon in June. Suffered the WORST running injury in my short career. Got to go through walking with a cane, having an MRI...the whole 9 yards. You did the right thing by resting girl....there will ALWAYS be another race!

Marathon Lar said...

Thanks was a hard decision but I think I made the right one, plus now I can focus on Rock and Roll and PRing!

And yes Janel I need recent pics...I'm bad. Yes that is Payton :).

I'm feeling better today, going to try for a super short run to test my energy today.

Lauren said...

Just found your blog and I am now a follower! :)

Sorry that you couldn't run your race, but I definitely would have done the same thing. A fever of 102 is nothing to mess with!

Margot (fasterbunnyblog) said...

Hey! Just found your blog as well. Looks awesome! I'm a follower. I think you did the right thing for sure :). Every time I've run hard while sick I get even sicker.

I was just in Seattle this last weekend!

I'd say go for the 13.1 if you're feeling good next weekend!

Marathon Lar said...

MrsQ318 and Margs - Thanks for following...I feel like a sort of "real" blogger now :). I'll try not to disappoint you with my lack of posts lately, I'm still trying to find my niche in this whole blogging world!