Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My First Half - Janel and Kristin Run the Mini Indy

I think I've said it a million times already but I'm so stinking proud of my two cousins for training and running their first half marathon a few weeks ago at the Mini Indy!  I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but my cousin Janel has been telling me I should come run the Mini Indy half every since I started running years ago and every single time she did I would reply with "I'll run it if you do!" Well that time finally came and we roped our younger cousin, Kristin, in to join the fun and had a great cousin bonding experience because of it.  The race was really just the icing on top, I enjoyed the countless emails regarding training, fueling, stretching, resting, etc in the 12 weeks leading up to the race just as much as the actual run itself!
Kristin and Janel looking fit and ready to run 13.1!

I gave Kristin and Janel a 12 week training plan that was SUPER basic...three runs a week, only focus on mileage…don't worry about speed, hills, etc.  This was just to warm them up to the idea of running a half and make sure they could successfully complete the 13.1 miles with a smile on their face (SPOILER: they did!).  Here was the plan:
simple, simple, simple!
And being the type of person who doesn't do anything half way, Janel completed EVERY.SINGLE.RUN with the spreadsheet to prove it. (Kristin assures me she completed "most" of them…hehe).

Janel not missing a single run! She would be a running coaches dream client!

Here are some thoughts from both Janel and Kristin on their first half!

A big sweaty post race hug from her biggest fan Brady!
From her blog post on the race:
I felt pretty good throughout the whole race.  My legs, hips and bottom got a little sore and tight towards the end, but other than that I felt good.  I never thought- "I'm not going to be able to finish" or " I need to stop and walk."  If you remember, my goals for the race were: finish, finish without walking and not have a heart attack.  I am pleased to say all goals were met!! :)  My only ailment is a blister.  It is in the same place as the one I got a few weeks ago after my 11 mile run.  I have decided that it is probably time to retire my running shoes for a new pair.
About to start our 13.1 journey (Janel in the purple)

Of course I asked them both if they would run another one again and Janel replied:
As far as future running plans, I plan to continue running a few miles a couple times a week.  Although I have no official plans to run another half anytime soon, the possibility to do so is definitely there.  Now that I know that I can do it, I am already thinking about how I can improve. :) <---I think I created a half marathon lover!
Post race pic with random superheros to which Janel quoted "I feel like a superhero"! <---LOVE THAT!

Kristin evidently likes lists so she sent me a numbered list of her highlights of the race:
Finishing the race without walking!
Running the entire race with my cousins. (well she did try to get away from Janel and I at one point but we caught up!)
Having wonderful weather.
Enjoying all the bands and spectators while running.
Having my dad, Brady, and Brad cheer the three of us on!
Running the last 3 miles the fastest!
Taking advantage of the two spray stations they had set up for us. (Janel and I stayed away from those!)
Getting the opportunity to run on the Indianapolis Speedway.
Comin in hot on the speedway! Just wish we could have run as fast as the Indy cars :)
Brady, myself, Kristin and Uncle Dave (Kristin's dad)
When asked if Kristin will run another half she replied, "I already have my eye on one in September!"

And I'm already trying to make them meet me at a destination race so we can vacation and run together in the future!

I am so lucky to have cousins close to age with me and despite living in different areas of the country we remain relatively close and make an effort to see each other when we can! I loved "coaching" them through this process and running the race with them, definitely a memory to last a lifetime!  Watching their passion for running grow has helped reignite my love for running and remind me of one of the main reasons I love it so much…the support from a great community (friends, family, bloggers, social media friends, Nuun, Ragnar, etc) that surrounds you and pushes you forward on every single run, race, or even rest day.

XOXO ladies!
QUESTION: Who have you inspired to run lately?

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