Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Ragnar Relay - REGISTER TODAY…no seriously!

Oh man, apologies for over a month since my last post…I honestly really do miss this space and using it to chat with my little reader group and just record life so I am going to try and post more, pinky swear!

First item of business is the fact that you should probably re-stock up on your Nuun supply right now.  Use code FEB14NUUNLOVE when you check out for 20% off until the end of February.  Nuun NEVER has discounts higher than this so get on it folks :).

Secondly, I have something really important you must all know! Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage is almost SOLD OUT. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that. As of February 15, there were only 35 spots left, who knows what it is down to now!

Six Pack With Racks is registered…are you?

Are you on the fence about running it because you are afraid you won't find enough team members or organizing it will be too much work? JUMP OFF the fence because I can 100% guarantee you that you will fill your team and I will help you organize!  So go click register right now and then here are some ideas/resources for you to fill your team and captain it…ready GO:


So, you registered right? Good for you…now go find runners:
  • Ask your friends, your friends friends, your co-workers
  • Put it out on social media
  • RSVP to the relay on Facebook and post there
  • Go run with local running groups and ask those people
  • Ask me to help spread the word for you!
So, you need help being the captain, here are some good resources (I hope to post a more detailed "how to be a captain for NWPassage" in the near future as well):
In other Ragnar news, I went to the Super Jock and Jill Monday night run event last night to spread the word of Ragnar and tell them to register NOW as well and it was a ton of fun.  Fellow ambassadors Amanda and Dana helped out and it was great to tell people about how much crazy fun this relay is.  There were probably close to 30 runners there and only a very small handful had never heard of Ragnar.
Ragnar is super generous with their swag, t-shirts for all!
We shared the night with my favorite yoga outfit in Seattle, Jasyoga, and Erin helped us all limber up post run.  We are hoping to get Erin more involved in Ragnar this year so everyone can get limber while on the race course whether it's doing van yoga or having a mini Jasyoga session at major exchanges…good idea right??!!

Amanda, me, and Erin from Jasyoga

Stretchin it out!
Any Ragnar questions? What is holding you back from registering today?


Sybil Runs Things said...

Getting people to commit to a Ragnar team is the hardest thing ever. Before I officially asked people I feel like everyone wanted to run it. Now? I have 4 people and can't convince anyone else to run :( I haven't registered a team and will probably be totally screwed and crying in my beer on Ragnar weekend. It sucks.

Tracy Hill said...

I am looking to switch from an ultra to a regular team. Are you still looking to get a team together? Are you trying for 12?