Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How NOT to Train for the Seattle Half Marathon

Just checking in to say HI in case this is my last post before I pass out on the course of the Seattle half marathon this weekend.  The only thing that has me excited for this race is the fact that my running buddies are as equally undertrained as me and we have already agreed to run/walk it for fun and just chat along the way.  Well except for Becky...she can't do any running "for fun" ;) and I'm sure she'll be waiting for at least an hour after she finishes for Meghan, Nicole and I to come hobbling across the finish line!

So how have I NOT been training for this race? Let me list the ways!

1. Not running more than 6 miles since Hood to Coast - that was back in AUGUST people!

2. Not running more than 1, 2 MAX days per week and always with friends <---my only preferred way to run these days.

Devin, Lauren, me, Becky, Rebecca!
3. Not really caring at this point! After my intense summer of running I needed the break and still do so I'm in no hurry to jump back into any sort of training plan right now and I'm totally ok with that.

I've actually been hitting the gym pretty hard for the past 10 weeks lifting weights so while I'm much stronger I haven't been keeping up with the cardio.  I will admit every time I have gone out for a 6 mile run with friends I feel really strong and even felt good during a super speedy session with the Nuun Megan's the other week so that is confidence boosting I suppose.

Me, Megan, Megan - I only ran fast to get to beer!

I'll be running this for fun, friends, and to rep my ambassadorships with Nuun (psst $20 4 packs with free shipping Friday through Monday, go get some!) and Ragnar! I got some super sweet Ragnar gear in the mail yesterday that I'll share in my race recap.

So if you see someone wearing Ragnar/Nuun gear struggling out on the Seattle course this weekend just know that I probably shouldn't be running and don't feel bad for me ;).

Have an amazing and safe Thanksgiving everyone!!

QUESTION: Who is racing this holiday weekend? Turkey trot? How I wish the half was just a trot!

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