Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm giving up...

Judging by multiple facebook posts I've seen over the past few days I finally realized it is lent.  Growing up Catholic I'm sure my mother will read that and be horrified that I didn't even know today was Ash Wednesday, but I'll blame it on the fact that today is also my cousin's birthday and I was thinking about that...happy birthday Janel!

My co-worker and I began to have a conversation about what to give up for lent that began with chocolate.  My obvious Achilles heel, I LOVE chocolate and usually indulge in it in some form a few times a week.  But why stop there we ask, how about ALL sweets...cookies, candy, cake, etc.  I THINK I can do this.  I should probably stop following Trophy Cupcakes on facebook though so I'm not tempted everyday by these beauties:
I want one already...this is going to be a long 40 days!
I'm posting this on my blog to hold myself accountable and record this idea of mine so I can't give up and just say I never really meant to give anything up anyways.  And if any of my 1-5 readers see me reach for a sweet, slap my hand and give me a piece of fruit!

Question: What are you planning on giving up for lent?  


Janel and Brad said...

Thanks for the birthday wish!! How's it going giving up all sweets? I was thinking of doing that but since my birthday was on Ash Wed. I said forget it. Instead I gave up candy.

Marathon Lar said...

I'm doing really good so far! Although I did accidentally have a chocolate dipped banana at my breakfast party this morning and my accidentally I mean I forgot about lent for a second...I think because it was disguised in fruit :)