Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Race Recap - PurpleStride 5k

This past Sunday I participated in the PurpleStrike 5k to benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.   My neighbor organized a team through her work and asked me to join...seeing as the race was literally across the street from where I live in Magnuson Park this was a no brainer.  My mom's good friend who I used to babysit ALL the time for just went through a pretty intense bout with Pancreatic cancer.  She is one of the extremely lucky ones and is surviving after lots of chemotherapy and radiation and a very big surgery to remove "hopefully" any chance of it coming back! I walked for her!

Yep, I walked it. I really did plan on running but someone (read: me) had too much fun at the Sounders game the night before (despite their 2-1 loss) and didn't feel 100% Sunday morning. Luckily, a coffee and a brisk 5k walk was just what I needed to feel normal again.  The walk was insanely crowded and I was immediately surprised by the fact that people really just leisurely walk 5k's...I figured they would at least try to power walk them.  My neighbor, Lindsey, and her friend Alexa and I walked together and tried to dart around groups when we could to at least walk fast enough to keep warm.

I like their motto "Know It. Fight It. End It". And that an older gentleman is wearing a tutu :)
We walked a 5k loop around Magnuson Park that I often do with my pup and we enjoyed seeing all the tutus and people walking for a great cause.

I think we finished in around an hour and it was so weird to walk across a finish line, pretty sure I've never done that before.  I'm glad I didn't end up running because the people in our group who did run didn't start with the runners and ended up having to dodge 100's of walkers for the whole course.

Our whole gang!
Afterwards, Lindsey's boss treated us all to brunch at 50 North near University Village.  This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I've been to 50 North and I highly recommend it. They use good local ingredients and have typical more upscale american fare but sometimes with a twist that is always delicious!

After slacking and not running this race I realized I really need to turn on my running game if I'm going to run a half marathon on December 2nd.

Question: Anyone ever walk an entire race before?

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